Channel Heeling

A Method So Simple and Fun, It Feels like Cheating!
"Channel Heeling" Self Study Class Available through for $75

Course Summary

After watching the remarkable progress made by a group of new dog-trainers in a single week, I can say with confidence this method for training Joyful and Engaged Heeling and Circle Work creates fast and fun learning for dogs and people by making the "right choice easy and the wrong choice hard." -- Dev Sperber

Who is this class for?
-- people new to dog-training who want to teach their dogs to heel
-- experienced dog trainers who want to fine tune their dog's heel position or increase their dog's enthusiasm and joy while heeling
-- people with reactive dogs who want to train attentive heeling to breeze by challenging scenarios
-- dog sports instructors who are interested in learning a simple way to teach joyful, engaged heeling and circle work so students and dogs have fun and progress quickly
-- agility enthusiasts with motion-sensitive dogs that bark or spin when the handler is running

-- agility enthusiasts with dogs that pull them in and out of the ring who'd like to replace pulling with joyful, connected heeling
-- freestyle enthusiasts who want to integrate flashy precision heeling into their routines
-- hiking enthusiasts who want their dogs to happily alternate between running around and heeling when necessary to let bikers or horses pass by or just because heeling is so much fun to do
-- SAR handlers whose dogs need to pass an obedience test that involves heeling off leash people looking for new, fun activities they can do with their dogs at home.


The early steps are best practiced indoors and at home (no props needed). I came up with the idea that led to the creation of this technique for teaching heeling and circle work after a winter spent doing super fun heeling activities with my dogs in my house.  Both dogs are now heeling better than ever and offer heeling while out for hikes and walks. As you progress through this class, you will eventually need 1-2 Expens and a couple of traffic cones... and your dog!

Course Curriculum

Dev Sperber