Training a Super Punchy Tuck Sit + Bonus POP!

Mark Training for Joyful, Punchy Tuck Sits + Pop!

SIT is one of the first behaviors we teach our puppies and dogs and it's something they are asked to do throughout their lifetimes.  So why not make this simple behavior more fun for your dog?  Mark Training (plus a secret ingredient) teaches dogs how to use their bodies so the physical act of performing TUCK SIT is so easy to do, they can't wait to do it over and over again. Not only can TUCK SIT be a super fun trick for dogs, it is good for physical conditioning, and can also have a profound affect on your dog's mental and emotional state, due to the clarity this position provides and the positive mindset it creates!

Please Note:  This training method is for dogs who already know to place their front feet on a Mark Bucket or other similarly raised surface and will perform that simple action with joy and enthusiasm.  If your dog is not yet "Mark Trained," I highly recommend you sign up for my Mark Training Course first.  --Dev Sperber


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Annette Thomason

Agility Competitor

Perfect course to help me focus and calm down my over-aroused 10 month old puppy.  After struggling forever trying to get her to do a relaxed tuck sit, we had success in no time following this method.  Dev is brilliant and I highly recommend this course.

Dev Sperber