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Simple Actions that Lead to Astonishing Outcomes!

Welcome to OCEAN4Dogs

OCEAN deepens the bond between dogs and people by improving two-way communication and creating more joy and creativity in training and problem solving, for better teamwork and a deeper connection. 

OCEAN solves perplexing performance problems by identifying the root causes of problems and providing simple actions that increase trust, resilience, and joy, resulting in clear paths to progress.

"Of all the online courses I’ve taken, OCEAN has definitely given me the best bang for my buck."

Meredith and Geordie

I have been a member of some of Susan Garrett’s programs (Canada), One Mind Dogs (Finland), and Absolute Dogs Training Academy (UK)—those were all dealing with clients numbering in the thousands.

What I like about OCEAN is that it is a much smaller group where you don’t feel lost in the crowd, you get great feedback, and that feedback isn’t a bonus that you have to pay extra for—it’s all part of a very reasonably priced package.  

Dev is flexible, responsive, insightful and genuinely encouraging. I can honestly say that of all the online courses and programs I’ve taken over the years, OCEAN has definitely given me the BEST bang for my buck.
-- Meredith Reeve

 "In less than a month, I am in love with training my dog again!"

Annette and Moxxy

In less than a month, I am in love with training my dog again! Within that short amount of time, Dev helped me to learn to see and respond to tiny signs of relaxation in Moxxy. She is still 100% ready to do the next thing, but is now calm enough to listen to me communicate to her how awesome she is.

By paying attention to Moxxy’s emotional state, I am now training the whole dog and not just the external behaviors, which makes our training sessions fun and productive with little to no frustration on either of our parts. Thank you Dev for sharing your time and expertise with me
.    -- Annette Thomason

The Complete Guide to Mark Training is a comprehensive guide to Mark Training that includes simple, step-by-step instructions and high-quality videos that provide you with everything you need to know to get started and progress with your dog's Mark Training as quickly as possible, so you can begin using this simple behavior of "front feet on a Mark" to teach your dog a wide range of valuable skills for agility and day-to-day life.

Whether your dog is new to Mark Training or already knows how to put her front feet on a raised surface, this course will show you how to use Mark Training to build and balance your dog’s drive & thoughtfulness, enthusiasm & impulse control, and independence & focus.  

You'll also learn about the physical benefits of Mark Training and how to use this simple training technique to develop your dog's independence, confidence, while maintaining a strong connection at any distance.

Last but not least, you will learn about and experience the positive effects this simple action can have on the mental and emotional states of dogs by focusing on OCEAN Principles and Dog Training from the Inside Out.

Mark Training A-Z is available as a stand alone, self study class through Clean Run.  Or it is included in your OCEAN Membership where "Simple Actions  Lead to Astonishing Outcomes!"