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        I have been playing agility for over 20 years but I had never really focused on my dogs emotional state like I am now.  In less than a month, I am in love with training my dog again! Dev helped me to learn to see and respond to tiny signs of relaxation in Moxxy, which taught her that everything doesn’t have to be at 110% arousal. By paying attention to Moxxy’s emotional state, I am now training the whole dog and not just the external behaviors, which makes our training sessions fun and productive with little to no frustration on either of our parts. Thank you Dev for sharing your time and expertise with me.

        Annette Thomason


        Adding Mark Training to my agility toolbox has been a transformative experience. This simple training technique has been useful for all three of my wildly different dogs. My sensitive Border Whippet needs very fine behavior slices as he feels most comfortable with a methodical "error free" training plan, and using mark buckets has provided handling clarity for my rocket ship Tervuren who stresses up with late cues. Finally, the simplicity of Mark Training has made foundation work much easier for the puppy as we could focus on the relevant behavior.
        However, the intangibles may prove to be even more beneficial as Ocean has subtly altered my thinking and training. As a goal-oriented trainer, it proved fruitful to reexamine my priorities. And, they have been found wanting. Ocean has moved my dogs' emotional and mental needs to the forefront of thinking without sacrificing any of my goals. I am on a more harmonious and intuitive path. 

        Dawn Kovell, Director Behavior & Training Marin Humane